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Monday, December 17, 2018 Sharon Halim 1 Comments

Country Road Re-Opening (Invited)
Campari Red Night (Invited)
Donut and Beer Fest VIP Launch Event (Invited)
Eclairs with Flair (Invited)
Food Social Global Feast Q:Qatar (Invited)
Secret Kitchen x Chef Dai Long (Invited)
QVM Winter Market Preview (Invited)
Burn City Smokers Pop Up (Invited)
Food Social Global Feast P:Portugal (Invited)
Lets Do Yum Cha (Invited)
Food Social Global Feast M:Moroccan (Invited)
Spanish Paella Festival Launch Party (Invited)
Cocktail Party by Italian Trade Agency (Invited)
Johnnie Walker Grand Prix Penthouse Party (Invited)
Glass Merchant Launching Party (Revisited-Invited)
Italian Yum Cha (Invited)
Drinks Canapes and Hint of Marketing (Invited)
Food Social Global Feast N:Nepal (Invited)
Pizza Fritta Co (Invited)
TGI Fridays x Bistro Morgan (Invited)
Cider & Pork Festival (Invited)
Royal Stacks First Birthday (Invited)
Ben and Jerry Open Air Cinema
TGI Fridays Christmas Party (Invited)
Food Social Global Feast M: Mexico (Invited)
48h One Year Anniversary (Invited)
Juniperlooza 2016 (Invited)
Bamix x Bouvier Bar (Invited)
Nuts-About-Tella Pop Up
VIP Glenfiddich Artist in Residence Exhibition (Invited)
Food Social Global Feast L: Lebanon (Invited)
Cake, Bake & Sweets Show (Invited)
Haagen Dazs House Pop Up
LuxBite Hello Kitty
Wine & Cheese Festival (Invited)
Food Social Global Feast K : Korea (Invited)
St Hallets (Invited)
Deliveroo (Invited)
Food Social Global Feast J:Japan (Invited)
Nescafe Pop Up
Food Social Global Feast I: Italy (Invited)
Australian Open 2017 Hospitality Program (Invited)
Workshop Bros x Dessert Parlour (Invited)
Winter in Asia (Invited)
Food Social Global Feast H: Hong Kong (Invited)
Nutella Road Trip
Road to Coonawara (Invited)
Holy Macaronut!
Food Social Global Feast G: Greece (Invited)
Melbourne Tea Festival
Yelp's Melbourne Food Porn Exhibition (Invited)
Mad Mex Big Fiesta (Invited)
Yummed x Girleatsmelbourne
Yummed Sunday Soiree (Invited)
Entertainment Book Launch (invited)
Food Social 7 Sins of Chocolate Tasting (Invited)
Yelp's Work Shop Party (Invited)
Food Social Global Feast F: French Feast (Invited)
Morris Jones x Lips Temptations (Invited)
Food Social South Eastern Cook Off
Yelp's Sass Rooftop Fashion Party (Invited)
Yelp's Brunswick Backyard Fiesta (Invited)
Kopparberg Ambassador Event (Invited)
Chinese New Year High Tea Party
Pierres Spot Pop Up
Juniperlooza (Invited)
Night Noodle Markets
Kit Kat Studio Pop Up Store
Taste of Melbourne

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