Ima Project Cafe

Monday, March 09, 2020 Sharon Halim 4 Comments

Ima Project Cafe is a brand new Japanese cafe opened by former Sake chef, James Spinks. A petit cafe just 10 minutes away by tram from Melbourne CBD, on the corner of Elgin St. His partner, Asako Miura, who also the interior designer is a very passionate man regarding recyling as well as waste management. So he did everything he can to make it happen at Ima.

I started with Houjicha Latte. Honestly, I needed stronger houjicha flavour and the texture is just too watery for me. The staff explain to us that they make everything them self including the curry powder and they did everything they can to minimise waste such as bonito flakes left over from dashi stock are dehydrated and repurposed into furikake seasoning, coffee grounds are turned into compost and many more.

My friend was visiting from Indonesia and she love Japanese food so I give her a couple of options, she picked Ima. She said this dish; Avocado Toast - nori paste, crispy kale, furikake ($17) intrigues her because of the nori paste. I quite like the nori paste and crispy kale combination but without runny egg, the dish could easily become to dry.

I ordered Japanese Breakfast - market fish, rice, miso soup, pickles ($22) with onsen egg ($3.5). My son loves the combination of fish, miso soup and rice but the fish is way too small for the price. It's so thin and cut pretty small that I left there still pretty hungry. Yes, the fish is cooked well and seasoned nicely but nothing outstandingly unique from this dish.

Ima Project Cafe
+6139348 1118
169 Elgin St
Carlton VIC 3053


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