Monday, March 02, 2020 Sharon Halim 3 Comments

Akaiito is a brand new Japanese fine dining in town. I'm always excited for a new refine Japanese restaurant in town. Akaiito comes from Japanese tales of soulmates are connected by akai ito, means the red thread of fate. In many of Asian's legend, including Japanese, the Gods tiea red thread around the little fingers or ankles of two people who are destined to meet.

Taking over Bluestone Restaurant, a large two floor restaurant, transformed into one magnificent dark yet luxurious Japanese restaurant. Elegant red thread on the ceilings connected the ground floor and the 18 seat omakase bar floor. The also have several private rooms on the omakase floor. The menu ranging from a luxurious bento lunch to ala carte to robatayaki omakase. A unique concept of specialising on robatayaki which is a method of barbecue over charcoal is something special.

Started with a bang! Sashimi - 15pcs of 5 varieties ($45). Beautiful plate of beautifully fresh fish. Both me and my friend loves it so much. I normally, not a big fan of white fish but they are delicious. Firm but soft texture with a slight citrus on some of them. Highly recommended. There's a mistake with our order, we order otoro sushi but they gave us the sashimi too with this plate. The staff notice it before we do and the chef, generously gave the otoro sashimi for us as complimentary. That's a great customer service right there!

Then our real order arrived; Special of the Night - Otoro sushi. Delicious, juicy, fatty piece of fish as expected. The fattiest part of tuna, also the most expensive because of that. One of the highest delicacy in Japanese culture. Burst of fat in your mouth. Yum!

Wagyu Tartare Tacos - Takeda farm tri-tip, smoked egg yolk, sturgeon caviar, shiitake, anchovy aioli, crispy nori. This is one of the highlight of the night, besides the otoro. Crispy nori perfectly crisp and seasoned as well as not oily with finely chopped high quality Japanese meat topped with a little dollop of smokey egg goodness is just a perfect representation of modern Japanese fusion could be like if taken seriously with the right balanced of course. Aromatic mushroom as well as light anchovy aioli also added a nice flare to the dish.

Move on to their robatayaki; Yakiton - Pork belly, miso shoyu ($6), Tsukune -
Bannockburn free-range chicken meatball, sweet soy ($8) and Wagyu Negi-ma - Takeda farm wagyu tri-tip, soy glaze, shallot ($12). We love the crisp pork belly, fatty enough but not overwhelming. Nicely done. Tsukune is a fan favourite, super juicy minced chicken, traditionally eaten with dipping to raw egg yolk. Delcious. The beef on the other hand, taste better on the tartare rather than skewers. Thick cut but remain juicy, still a good piece of meat but I feel it's over shadowed by the tartare.

Ebi - Prawn, seaweed dust, sour plum butter ($26). This is also part of their robatayaki menu. Another highlight of the night and the most delicious of out everything we tried on their robatayaki section. Beautifully presented as well as very well executed. Perfectly cooked, high quality prawn matched nicely with generous seaweed dust and abundant butter. I would love to eat more of this please!

Lemon Myrtle Souffle - vanilla ice cream ($19). I'm a big fan of souffle but never tried lemon flavour souffle before. Normally, I prefer something rich for souffle such as chocolate, coffee, baileys and so on. Amazingly, the souffle comes out beautifully firm and standing up for quite some time, that's always an impressive note for me. The flavour it self fresh, not too sour, nicely matched with the melting vanilla ice cream. Last but not least, the texture is so light and airy. Nice ending it is.

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