Estelle Bistro

Monday, February 10, 2020 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Estelle Bistro has reopened beginning of this year. Scott Pickett famous restaurant is now back and running. The two Estelle and ESP now converted into one single name "Estelle". The old bistro is now a waiting bar area and the renovation upgraded the whole vibe to classic elegant with open kitchen.

We arrived on a Friday night for an early dinner. The staff is nice enough to let us choose which table we would like to seat then offers us complimentary bubbly for our anniversary. We opted for a la carte cause we are not in the mood for big long dinner after a whole day of work at the office.

Started with something light; Fraser Island crab mornay, curry oil ($28) and Quail, pear, mulberry, hazelnuts ($26). The crab dish that I thought would be light, it's actually a bit heavy and the flavour of the crab seems to be over shadowed by the whole mornay sauce. I actually would like the fresness of the crab to shine a bit more. I love the quail dish, crispy quail with tender meat with medley of fruit freshness on the side.

Mansfield Venison - beetroot, bone marrow ($39) and Grilled Humpty Doo Barramundi - prawns, Jerusalem artichoke ($38). The venison was perfectly cooked but could be a touch tender, I do love the addition of bone marrow on the dish and generous sauces. My husband ordered the fish, the flavour was pretty light but plenty of prawn oil.

Packham pear, almond, caramel ($18). I would like the pear to be slightly softer, making it a melt in your mouth sensation. But the caramel works really well in the dish, so does the almond. Tying the freshness of the pear with something more earthy and deep.

Sadly, the first staff that served us is the only good service we received that night plus the another lady staff who take a picture of us at the end. The male staff that's in charge of our table, was sloopy, borderline rude and seems very insincere all through out service. I was quite disappointed by this, Estelle is a fine dining restaurant with a high point price so I expected a service that reflects their stature.

Estelle Bistro
+6139489 4609
243-245 High St
Northcote VIC 3070