Deliveroo x Koyomi (Sponsored)

Wednesday, February 26, 2020 Sharon Halim 3 Comments

Deliveroo is back and now they have various large options of food, all over the Melbourne area even in the suburb where I live. I always love delivering food, especially on a rainy day. It's so convenient especially as a working mom who always rushing to do everything in one day.

I was approach by Deliveroo and Koyomi, they are currently collaborating. I heard from my friend they are even giving free samples of koyomi on some of their deliveries, so if you are lucky you might get one on your next delivery.

Ordered two types of food; classic Indian food and KFC! Yes, they have KFC and I'm so happy. Both order done smoothly in the app and comes in pretty quickly in a nice condition. Checked the picture for prove, everything packaged nicely and still warm.

On top of that, I got samples of Koyomi Highball. It's a blend of Japanese sochu, as you guys know I love anything Japanese and this falls to that category. I love them so much; both flavours have different colours. Yuzu and Lime have a lighter and fresher flavour with a slight sourness at the end. Blood Orange and Bitter have stronger taste with just a lil bit bitter at the end. Perfect with any meal or just by it self after a long day of work.