Saturday, January 18, 2020 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Hibiki is one of the recently new brunch place that spark my interest. Honestly, there are so many new brunch place and sometimes their menu are more or less than same, that make me a bit less excited. Hibiki specialised in modern Japanese style breakfast complete with matcha drinks and all the goodness.

The cafe it self has limited indoor seatings but they also have small courtyard at the back. I came in on Sunday morning and most of their seats are already fully booked. Luckily, they got a communal table at the back where they can fit the three of us but just for one hour. I decided to take the chance and grab it. Started with delicious hot hojicha latte, definitely recommended.

Chilled Zaru Somen Board - seaweed housemade kombu mentsuyu dipping sauce, spring onion curls, wasabi, tempura brocolli ($17). My favourite out of three, even though it's freezing cold that day and the somen was served with ice, I still love it very much. Flavourful dipping sauce matched perfectly with thin somen and oh my... Those broccoli tempura is super crunchy and addictive.

Tuna Tataki Carpaccio - seared tuna crusted with sesame seeds, snowpea shoots, daikon hair, barley, toasted buckwheat, pickled onion, cherry tomatoes, charred brussel sprouts, edamame beans, shiso leaf, shiso pepper dressing ($24). The most generous portions out of the tree. I would like more tuna to balanced out the amount of toasted buckwheat in the dish. Delicious assembly, light but still filling at the end but not leaving you bloated.

Shibuya Honey Toast - crispy caramelised fried bread, matcha custard cream, black sesame ice cream, pistachio crumble, fresh berries, chocolate soil, matcha pocky ($21). Another highly recommended dish, crunchy outer layer of the bread then super fluffy lightly toast bread in the middle with enough sweetness from the honey and the rest is just perfect Japanese combination of match and black sesame.

1161 Toorak Rd
Camberwell, VIC 3124