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Fujitei is a Japanese casual dining in St Kilda. Traditional at it's core but also served several fusion dishes. Mostly on special occasions, I will pick Japanese food since it's my favourite cuisine. This time, I'm giving fujitei a try since I heard good reviews.

Started with my go to dish at a Japanese restaurant; Beef Tataki - seared beef scotch slice, grated white radish, special tataki sauce ($16). Cut thinly, like it suppose to with soft grated radish. The special sauce is a touch stronger than the usual sauce for tataki but I kinda like it.

Hotate Yaki - Hokkaido Scallop, pan seared in Japanese sake dressed, flame torched mentai mayonnaise ($9). One of the brightest star of the night. Perfectly cooked scallop, just lightly torched on the outer layer and still soft raw inside. My favourite! Dressed with abundant mentai creamy mayonnaise, so delicious.

Ikura Chawan Mushi - steamed savoury egg topped with salmon caviar ($12). Well made, flavourful egg. My son finished them in a heart beat with one big bowl of rice. Happy son, Happy parents. No complain here at all.

Maguro Nigiri, Uni Nigiri and Fujitei Maki - Inside out tuna and salmon sushi roll, coated in Crispy Tempura, topped with ikura ($15). Fresh sashimi is expected and certainly we got them. Especially with uni, firm uni is the best kind and it turn mushy if it's not fresh, there's nowhere to hide. Rolls also very well made, the ingredients are very well partnered.

Cause of the wonderful quality of produce, I decided to order another dish; Salmon Carpaccio - marinated in blended basil olive oil vinaigrette ($20). Fresh, light and refreshing. All the things I want in my carpaccio. But the salmon is a lil bit more firm than the usual, I would like them to be a touch more melt in your mouth.

Salmon Mentai Yaki - Pan fried salmon fillet dressed and glazed with spicy cod roe mayonnaise ($22). I would like more of the mayonnaise in the dish, than it would be awesome. Perfectly cooked salmon and nice to be consume on it's own but preferable with white rice.

The dessert needed improvement, maybe a little bit more variety and innovation could be corporate into the menu.

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17 Wellington St
St Kilda VIC 3182