Quo Vadis

Monday, December 23, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Located in main street and prime location on Swan Hill, Quo Vadis stands tall among one of the most well known restaurant in town. Proudly presenting selection of traditional Italian food from pizza, pasta, and gelato, the restaurant truly displays the authenticity of Italian heritage.

Upon entering the precinct, I was greeted with lovely display of Gelato ice cream. On my right was the bar style area, serving pizzas and take away, while on the left was the restaurant. It was surprisingly spacey with nice ambient.

As soon as I checked the menu, I have made up my mind to order a pasta dish, decision that I later regretted in a hindsight, more about this later. My appetite decided to go with my favorite pasta dish fettuccine carbonara. Shortly 10 minutes after, my dish arrived. It had a lovely color and good amount of meat. The portion is actually quite big and filling. The fettuccine was cooked well and the sauce is well balanced. For most people the sauce would have been tasty enough, but it wasn't salty enough to my liking or strong enough in flavour.

Back to the regret part, upon eating my pasta, I saw people on another table ordered pizzas with variety of flavours, and I can tell you even from far away, they look amazing. Maybe next time. But I still thinking about whether or not will I get back cause the hospitality was not that amazing, even rude at times.

To close off my dinner, and you may have guessed, this is the reason I wanted to come to this food joint. The souffle. They were having strawberry souffle for the day's menu. To my surprise, the souffle didnt take long to serve. It looked amazing. The texture is amazing, its puffy and soft, with enough density to still fill in your mouth. I like the taste of the strawberry and the ice cream is nice. However, overall it is a bit too sweet for my liking.

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Quo Vadis
+615032 4408
255-259 Campbell St
Swan Hill VIC 3585