Otto (Invited)

Thursday, December 12, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Otto which stands for Ode To The Original is located in the busy side of Bridge Road Richmond and can be easily spotted from the “Tiffany’s” blue coloured outdoor umbrellas outside the cafe. Brightly lit with modern interior, it gives a good first impression as you walk into the cafe.

My favourite dish of the day was definitely their Pain Perdu, which was their version of french toast. It was beautifully presented in full colours and the packed with delicious flavours. The overall texture combination was great, from the softness of the brioche, then the rhubarbs and to the crunchiness of the pistachios. The candied yuzus definitely add freshness and highlight to the dish. Delicious.

We also had the Exotic Mushrooms with Egg custard. The presentation is on point here. It is colourful with much attention to details. If you love mushrooms in all kinds, this is the dish for you. There’s crispy fried enoki mushroom and shavings of truffles that immediately got my attention. The overall dish has great textural combination from creamy to crispy. The overall flavour itself could use a more balance to compliment the exotic ingredients.

The Gentleman’s Plate. This could be an alternative to the usual big breakfast on the menus. It has thick cut ham, black pudding sausage, chorizo sausage, scotch egg, mushroom, spinach (probably ran out of kale?) and sourdough toast. I loved the scotch egg, the yolk was still gooey as I hoped for with nice casing. Overall flavours of the dish was a little heavy on the salty side to my liking.

The staff and the owners were friendly and very helpful. Their smoothie was delicious and refreshing too. I am keen to try their other offerings on the menu.

+6139428 8929
3/189 Bridge Rd
Richmond VIC 3121