Town House Hampton (Invited)

Saturday, November 16, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Town House Hampton is a brand new brunch place, joining the others in Hampton. It was a rainy day that day, we were longing for some hot drinks when we arrived. I met the owner upon arrival and he gladly said I can sit any where I want. We picked the one near the window for lighting purposes but they have an outdoor space at the back, perfect for the summer.

I love the hanging green plants in their indoor section, it makes the places feels alive and give it a lil bit of fairy forrest vibe but remain modern with the furnitures and barista bar. Their outdoor section have a cover, making it also usable even during winter. Drinks comes pretty quickly which we appreciate it very much, we need the coffee and my son loves his babycinno.

Lamb & Cauliflower - slow roasted lamb shoulder, roasted cauliflower, crispy kipfler potato hash, charred corn, peas, pistachio, kale, pomegranate, dukkah, tahini yoghurt, fried egg, toasted sourdough ($18.5). The lamb was extremely tender and flavourful with minimum gummy lamb smell and taste which I love so much, cause I'm pretty sensitive in that. Love the freshness of the pomegranate mixed with crispy kale and perfectly cooked egg making this dish a stunning dish.

I also ordered an omelette for my kid which he love so much. It's super fluffy and smooth with plenty of parmesan cheese as well as crisp vegies on top. The cherry tomatoes provide a nice texture, freshness and sweetness to the dish.

Knafeh French Toast - brioche stuffed with sweet Arabian cheese, coated with kadaif, orange, rose compote, charred grapes, lime mascarpone, fresh berries ($17.5). We love the french toast so much! This is definitely the best dish out of all but also one of the most unique and delicious french toast I have. The toast it self is different, lighter, a bit more grainy but delicious together with that so chewy stringy sweet Arabian cheese. I love it so much together with charred grapes and rose compote. I'm in heaven.

Town House Hampton
+6139521 8195
545 Hampton St
Hampton VIC 3188