Tandoori Flames - Footscray (Invited)

Saturday, November 09, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Tandoori Flames has two restaurants in Melbourne; West Footscray and South Kingsville. Specialise in diverse Indian flavour, boasting eclectic menu but also combining in with subtle flavour making it appealing to the modern Australian taste.

Upon my arrival, I notice all the famous Indian restaurant in Melbourne have a branch at West Footscray. The whole street is full of them and it's amazing to see the strong culture and friendly competition among the restaurant owner. I love the interior, subtle Indian decoration, boasting a lil bit luxurious vibe yet friendly and comfortable.

The staff suggested a couple of things for us and we just went with it, the first entree was Sizzlin Mix Grill Platter Tikka - variety of Meat & Chicken Kebab Served on Hot Sizzler ($24.9). This is the perfect starter if you want a lot of things from their menu. It gives you enough variety and different flavours.

Butter Chicken - Tender chicken pieces cooked in the smooth tomato buttery sauce ($17.5). We always have to tried the butter chicken whenever we visit any Indian restaurant, it's our favourite Indian dish. The pieces was so tender, strong tomato sauce but we want a lil bit more of the buttery creamy flavour in it.

Mutton Curry - Traditional goat curry cooked in home style, very tender ($17.5). Some of the mutton pieces were still a little bit tough but some other still tender. The curry is so rich and balanced in flavour, we want more. Strong with spices but not too spicy, we love it.

Mushroom Fried Rice - fried rice tossed with mushrooms ($9.9) and Cheese Naan ($4.9). These are the only things my son can eat cause he can't handle spicy flavour just yet. We love the buttery mushroom fried rice so much that we can't stop eating it. The Cheese Naan was so oily but still delicious.

Shahi Pistachio - Kulfi homemade ice-cream with pistachio, saffron & cardamom ($6). This is the only thing, a bit too strong for us. The combination of pistachio, saffron, cardamom and strong condense milk a bit over whelming for us.

Tandoori Flames
+6139077 3733
583 Barkly Street
West Footscray
Melbourne VIC 3012