Uni Boom Boom (Revisited-Invited 3)

Thursday, October 10, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Uni Boom Boom always improving in terms of their menu and their interior. Every time I came in there's always some changes happening in the store. Slowly but sure but they always want to give the best for the customers. Now, they launch a brand new menu preparing for Spring and featuring the best ingredients in seasons.

I came in for an early dinner on a weekend with my family. This is my mom first time visiting Uni Boom Boom and she does not even eat raw that much. Started with my regular Birds Nest Milk Tea ($15), the milk tea is as delicious as ever but somehow I feel there's less birds nest in it but I could be wrong.

They served us two complimentary entree; Uni Popcorn and Special Entree of the day; Salmon. I don't really like the popcorn cause it's not crunchy anymore and I barely taste the uni in it. The salmon is cold and nicely done with pickles to start the journey, fresh.

Jessica, the owner told me that a lot of their customers has been waiting for this menu; Boom Boom Wagyu Uni Don ($55). Yes, the trend of wagyu meat is every where now. From Omi to Calia, wagyu is featured everywhere. So it is suiting that Uni Boom Boom join the club. The egg on top is amazingly well cooked, runny and clear yellow in colour. Super generous layers and layers of tender wagyu surrounded by fresh uni. I would want more sauces with rice to enhanced the flavour even more.

Broiled Eel Sea urchin Ramen ($45). I'm so excited about this, they use uni on their broths. The presentation is elegant, displaying all the wonderful ingredients in the bowl. First ever uni ramen I have ever tasted and I love it. Pipping hot broth with firm curly ramen noodles topped with generous eel and fresh uni. I would love to eat this during the cold winter days.

Since my mom does not eat raw stuff that much, we ordered this for her; Foie Gras don. She loves foie gras, my first foie gras I ate it with her. Super generous foie grass as usual, perfectly cooked. A bit crisp on the outside with melt in your mouth component inside. The tumeric rice at the bottom also give it a bit more flavour, together with the generous mushrooms. I would love if Uni Boom Boom have a dish featuring uni and foie gras in one bowl.

World first Sea Urchin Caviar coffee. This is also part of their brand new menu. Very very unique and authentic idea from Uni Boom Boom. Milk coffee, dehydrated uni, golden sugar and caviar. Never seen anything like this before. Mixed everything together than you can taste the saltiness from caviar which I like and just a mild taste of uni in it. They served with personalise peppermint candy, so cute.

Uni Boom Boom
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