The Fitz (Invited)

Tuesday, October 08, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

The Fitz has been in Fitzroy for a very long time. Their iconic signs is well known among locals and known for their hearty brunch also for their function space on the 2nd floor. Spacious seatings on level 1, high ceilings, fire place on the side with rustic vibe. I love their interior, mainly cause it's not too cramped and it has a classic feeling.

We started with Tumeric Latte, Latte, Babycino and Very Berry Crush - strawberry, watermelon, mint, apple, lime ($8). It was a cold morning even though it's Spring already. I came in with my husband, kid and mom. We were shown to the table straight away by the manager, he's very accomodating to us even to my kid. The drinks also showed up not long after we ordered, pretty surprising since they are busy.

My mom wanted something light and she's a big fan of bread so when she see's one of the tapas available is bread, she went for it. Turkish Bread - duo dips ($8). Generous portions of bread and abundant dips. The bread was warm and have a crunchy outer layer with soft inside, my mom loves both of the dipping so much.

Salmon & Japanese Tea Noodle Salad - grilled salmon skewers, Japanese tea noodles, nori, Julienne carrot, avocado, spring onion, coriander, sesame wasabi mayo ($21). My husband is on a healthy route, so he ordered this dish. Amazingly light and refreshing! This would be the perfect dish in the summer. Generous salmon with cold tea noodles, surrounded by all healthy raw ingredients and just a touch mayo for extra flavours.

Duck Pappardelle - tender roast duck, spring onion, green peppercorns, baby spinach, button mushrooms, sweet plum sauce, shaved parmesan, crispy shallots ($23). I'm on the other hand, wanted something heavy. The duck was tender but a bit more tender would have been nice. The overall dish was a bit too sweet for me, I think a lil bit more cheese would balanced the dish even more. Love the al dente pappardelle.

The Fitz
+6139417 5794
347 Brunswick St
Fitzroy VIC 3065