Straight Outta Saigon (Invited)

Sunday, October 06, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Straight Outta Saigon by Hochi Mama replacing Twenty Pho Seven recently opened in Melbourne CBD, focusing on dishes originate from South of Vietnam. Upon entering the small door, I'm amazed on how they transformed the small space into something so charming and rustic. On every corner there's something interesting to view, neon lights, bar and wall mural of a lady on the other side of the wall. It's young and vibrant. I love the ambience.
I came in on a Monday night with my family. They were very accomodating and friendly even have a colouring set for my kid. We were served their 'A Bit of Everything' packages - 2 Smaller 2 Larger & 1 Side (2pax -$59.90) add one more person - $29.50pp includes extra 1 Smaller, 1 Larger, 1 Side. Cause I bring my mom with me, we added one package that I paid from my own accord to the meal. 

On top of that, we got one complimentary cocktails; Passionfruit Blossom - Toji sake, passionfruit liqueur, white chocolate,fresh passionfruit puree, eggwhites, pink grape juice, litup with Absinth ($21). One of the best cocktails I have tasted in a while, no bitterness in taste at all. Light fruity fresh flavour from the passionfruit brings it all together and the extra theatric with lit up absinth also blew me away cause the fire actually stays on pretty long.

Smaller; Eggplant fries -5 herb & spices, special spicy secret sauce ($12), Saigon Soft Shell Crab Baos (2pcs/$15) and Spicy Salmon Sashimi -  crispy betel leaf, cucumber, fried shallots, mint, spicy green sauce,wasabi mayo ($17). Out of the three, I like the spicy mayo with super crispy fresh soft shell crab the most, the bun also soft and fluffy. My son loves the crispy eggplant so much and guess what? It's vegetables! To me, the salmon sashimi texture is closer to smoke salmon and because of all the toppings, it loss it's freshness and lightness that normally exist in sashimi. My husband don't mind it though, he loves the richness of the ingredients with the salmon.

Larger; Whole Flounder - sweet chilli sauce, Vietnamese slaw ($28), Vietnamese Curry - carrots, potato, chicken ($21) and Stir Fry Asian Broccoli - crispy pork ($23). Unlike most feed me menu, we can actually choose what we want out of the menu and I like it better that way. Flounder has a pretty thin meat so it's actually not a lot. It's crispy but we want a lil bit more sauce with it, even though we love the fresh slaw that comes with it. Moving on to the rich curry, tender large chicken mixed with half cooked carrots and a lil bit of large potato inside the bowl. Not bad at all, especially partnered with sweet coconut rice. Last but not least, perfectly cooked asian broccoli with generous sauces but not too salty. We would like pork belly to crispier than it would elevate the dish even more.

We also got one complimentary desserts; Pandan sticky rice - coconut cream, vanilla ice cream, peanuts ($14). My husband opted for this rather than creme caramel. Honestly, the dessert could be better. This is pretty decent but stronger pandan on the sticky rice would bring up a lot more aromatic flavour and maybe fresh fruits also helps the acidity and complexity of the dish.

Straight Outta Saigon
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