Sardi (Revisited-Invited 2)

Saturday, October 26, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Sardi is a place I have been invited many times before over many years. The owner, always have been nice and precise, believe in his business more than anything. He knows what he wants and pursue. This time, I was invited over for their menu, arrived on Saturday morning. I did not see the same owner that I usually meet.

It's my first time seating in the front part of their restaurant, I always seats at the back where all the lights is perfect for my picture but that day was a bit too cold and I brought my kid with it. One of the staff comes in and takes our order but it did take a lil bit long for the coffee to arrived. They even forget my son babycino and we have to ask them twice for it. I do love the cute latte art so much.

Mushroom Porridge - truffle oil, grilled mushrooms, pickled mushrooms, crispy enoki mushrooms, shaved mushrooms,  rice flake porridge ($17.5) add grilled chicken ($5). The porridge is a bit blend and oily but it's different than any other mushroom porridge I have tasted in Melbourne. I would love truffle flavour to be stronger and I want more crispy texture to balanced out the porridge.

Savoury Waffles - grilled vegetable waffles, fresh salsa, avocado, pickled mushroom ($18.5) add chorizo ($5). I love the chorizo and the grilled vegies waffles surely is a unique waffle. It's thin but fluffy, I would like it a bit crispy but the fresh salsa is so delicious, together with the avo.

VIP Breakfast for Kids - babycino, scrambled egg, croissant ($10). This is the best out of all three. Super buttery croissant, flakey, my son loves it. The scrambled egg was so perfect, soft still a bit runny and flavourful. We love it.

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Monday-Friday: 7.30am-4pm
Saturday-Sunday: 8am-4pm

111 Church St
Hawthorn, VIC 3122