Roast'd (Invited)

Sunday, October 20, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Roast'd just went through a change of name and image, before it was Season's Chinese. Owned and operated by Lor family wants to serve a variety of a moreish Chinese BBQ as well as Asian street food. Roast'd located in Berwick area, has a large warm, well decorated dining area. Perfect for families and large group of people. They also work together with uber and menulog for deliveries.

I went in on a Sunday afternoon for an early dinner. There's plenty of car park around the complex making it convenient to drive by, especially it's located near pharmacy and many other necessity store. There's not many people dine in at the times but there's plenty of delivery orders as I can see the uber driver come and ago.

Peking Duck Pancake Platter (4pcs/$13.8). I love peking duck so when I saw this on the menu as one of their signature dishes, of course I have to order them.  The pancake it self was nicely thin but not too thin so it can hold the whole thing together. The duck is pretty tender but I would like more of the sauce for it to become more flavourful.

All Star Roasts - duck, bbq pork, roasted pork belly ($25.8) and plain egg noodles ($5). We love the egg noodle so much, it's the highlight of our meal. Even though it's plain, it's already tasty and firm on it's own. Out of all the three roast, BBQ pork is the best due to it's tenderness and perfectly seasoned sweetness. I would like the pork belly to be a lot more tender and crunchier as well.

We also added Cantonese Beef Fillet - garlic vegetables ($20.8) for our main meal. Generous vegetables together with tender beef and plenty of sauce to be eaten with your white rice. The portions is decent and able to be share with your family.

Pandan Crepe Cake - pandan coconut sauce ($8). We love this pandan crepe cake with super generous dripping coconut sauce. The crepe was so thin with generous cream in each layer and the sauce helps tie it all together.

+6139702 2811
Shop 6/248 Clyde Rd
Berwick VIC 3806