Piccolino (Invited)

Saturday, October 12, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Whisked in by the annual Melbourne spring outpour, we entered warm Piccolino ready for warm carbs. And we were not disappointed at all - it didn’t hurt that everyone in this restaurant was so warm and charming too!

The restaurant decorated nicely, full of character at every corner of the restaurant. Charming punch line all over the wall and friendly staff. Perfect for a night out. The settings is pretty intimate, even a nice venue for a quite first date.

We started with a lovely orange spritzer, accompanied by the Apperitivo. I’ve never been a fan of olives, but the stuffed olives in the platter were amazing. The Suppli (croquettes) were crisp on the outside, and the Torta al testo, with warm mozarella, was especially satisfying. They actually bought the torta (‘bread’) and testo (the special bread press) from their hometown in the Umbria village.

We then had the Potato Gnocchi Normale - served with a rich eggplant  and tomato sauce. All the pastas here go through a 72 hour levitation process which makes for a springy dough. Next up, we had the Risotto with pesto di broccoli. Risotto being notoriously finnicky to cook with, Piccolino did an excellent job in cooking the rice. The texture was smooth and creamy, and the pesto was a refreshing cut through the beautiful starchy rice. Last of our pasta journey was the Homemade tagliatelle with sausage and pumpkin. The sausage had a lovely herby ‘zing’ to it which went well with the sweetness of the pumpkin.

To end our night, and our ever-growing belly, we were served a beautiful truffle pizza. Generous of mushrooms and truffle oil, with the just the right amount of cheese. Delicious.

148 Scotchmer St
North Fitzroy