OPPEN All Day (Invited)

Tuesday, October 22, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

OPPEN All Day opened it's door right beside Windsor Station, spacious outdoor space and charming Scandinavian vibe. I have been to this location before OPPEN and honestly, I really love what they have done with the space. The owners, husband-and-wife Zume Pham and Amy Vo travels through Norway, Denmark and Sweden, that's when they got inspired to open OPPEN.

I came in on Sunday morning. The place is super charming, mini round tables and sofa for single diner, a couple of outdoor table and bright natural light. Love it. Not long after, my coffee arrive and it's so good. Perfect temperature, fluffy milk, smooth coffee, not too bitter or sour. My kid love his generous fluffy froth on his babycinno.

Hot Smoked Salmon - grilled asparagus, wild garlic, fennel, snow peas, watercress, dry rye, mustard sauce ($21). Everything about this dish is good. Elegantly presented, the light pink and green colour is so pretty. The salmon was nice but I did not get the hot flavour in it, but the mustard sauce was so creamy and light, deliciously fresh with the assembles of vegies.

Breakfast Roll - housemade chorizo patty, chilli relish, monterey jack, fried egg, herbs ($15) add avocado. This is one of the most delicious patty ever, I love it so much. Strong chorizo flavour meats the cheese, egg and creamy avo. Super delicious.

Spelt Pancake - salted caramel, banana, walnut streusel, lingonberry, aquavit mascarpone ($20). This pancake is so fluffy and soft, I love em. Not too sweet on it's own but nicely done with the caramel and creamy mascarpone. The strawberry added a nice acidity and freshness to the dish.

20/2 Maddock St
Windsor VIC 3181