Massizim (Invited)

Thursday, October 24, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Massizim opened in the brand new refurbish The Glen. Located in level 1, on top of the open air dining area. This is the first Australian branch from the popular Korean restaurant chain. They have a branches all over Asia such as Singapore, Bangkok and Jakarta, Indonesia. Currently, Massizim is the only restaurant opened on level 1 but soon there will some other joining in.

I love the interior from the moment I see the place. High ceilings, rustic, decorated with wooden tables, long bamboo and beautiful Korean wall art. They also have an open space, making it airy and perfect for Spring. They have various tables for two, four and long tables for larger groups. They are also kid friendly.

Tomato, Cheese, Kimchi Jeon - beef mince, kimchi, melted mozzarella cheese ($10) and Cheese Egg Roll ($10). I love that there are so many options of cheese in Massizim. I do think the spiciness of Korean flavour matched nicely with cheese. The kimchi jeon was thin and crisp with chewy melted cheese centre. My kid loves the fluffy soft egg with cheesy centre, he ate so many of them.

Webfoot Octopus hot stone pot bibimbap - rice, vegetables, egg, spicy octopus ($15). I'm not a big fan of octopus but the staff recommended this so I decided to give it a shot. My husband enjoyed it but it's a bit too fishy for me, even though the portions is generous and the combinations was well portioned.

Mild Pork Stew ($16.5) - topokki, mushrooms, spring onion with an options of chewy glass noodles or udon noodles. This is Massizim speciality, galbi jjim. It's a slow cooked meat stew, traditionally served for celebrations. The stew can be beef, pork or chicken, I chose pork. You can also pick the spiciness level. The meat is marinated in gochugaru (fermented chilli), doenjang (fermented soybean paste) and fruit.

I love this dish so much, I regret ordering just the single portions. Next time, I will be back and order the big one for sure! The melts in your mouth pork meat with rich sweet flavourful broth, chewy tobokki and super slippery glass noodles that my kid love so much.

Mango and Cheese Bingsoo. This is my second highlight at Massizim. Super delicious combinations of mango, cheese, shaved iced and ice cream. I never had any bingsoo with cheese in it and oh my... I love the cheesiness of it mixed with milk and the sweet sour mango. So in love.

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The Glen Shopping Centre
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Glen Waverley VIC 3150