Lemongrass (Invited)

Monday, October 28, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Lemongrass with the support of Acharn (Grandlady) Boonchoo who has a profile of High Priestess of Royal Cuisine in Bangkok. The restaurant has been opened for 1989. Back then Acharn Boonchoo was the Executive Chef of the Bussaracum chain of restaurants that specialised in Royal Cuisine. Her resumes gone a long way, she also teach at the Royal Palace as well as at the University. Her grand daughter follows her foot step, worked at the Palace of the Sultan of Brunei. One of her other grand daughter, work at Lemongrass for many years.

I have never been to Lemongrass and I wonder why, cause from the moment I entered the place, I'm in love. It screams Thai ethnic culture mixed with with royalty luxurious vibe. It's the perfect place to entertain and to celebrate. High ceilings with several windows, Thai paintings and statue but not overboard. Just nice and classic.

They have plenty of fun drinks on their menu with and without alcohol. I ordered Thai Milk Tea and Lychee Mocktail. I love the frozen mocktail so much, refreshing but not too sweet with strong lychee flavour. Comes in a nice presentation, so does the Thai milk tea. The milk tea was not as strong but also not too sweet which I love. I normally have to mixed my Thai milk tea with water or lots of ice to subdue the over sweetness but this one is just perfect.   

Lemongrass has prepared a whole set menu for us, the only thing we ordered is the Pineapple Fried Rice for my kid. Mind you, the menu online is not as complete as the one on their restaurant. They have more menu in house. The pineapple fried rice comes in a very generous portions, sitting nicely on half pineapple. Attractive presentations indeed. Taste delicious too with a strong pineapple and generous raisins.

Satay Skewers - Chicken Thai Satays, carefully basted with spiced coconut milk and flame grilled, served with a Thai-style Peanut Sauce ($3.80 per stick) and Mince chicken salad mixed with fresh spice on top of lettuce.

Gaeng Keow Wahn - chicken, green curry, eggplant, Asian snake bean, Thai eggplant. Lemongrass version of green curry made by mentor Boonchoo and still made by her daughter and granddaughters today is a rich authentic broth with coconut milk and left a bit of a heat in your mouth but not too much.

Soft Shell Crab Red Curry-  peppers, cherry tomatoes and longans (Dragon’s Eyes). I love the presentation so much, crispy soft shell crab on top of coconut. So tropical yet elegant too. Generous soft shell crab on top and inside the coconut. The red curry was strong and rich, balanced with sweetness from the longan. I love it.

Before desserts, we also got this stir fry beef which is pretty peppery and spicy but so tender, comes with broccoli, carrot and onion. The beef was so flavourful and marinated beautifully cause I can tell the taste until the very inside of the meat.

Traditional Mango & Sticky Rice and Crispy Berry Pancake. Both desserts come in pretty quick after they clean our table and the presentations were impeccable. Elegant, careful thought and made. Never seen any other authentic Thai restaurant presented this level of dessert before in Melbourne. They also did not make any sacrifice in the taste department. Mango was fresh, the amount of sticky rice was just nice topped with a lil coconut flakes and sauce.

The pancake is on another level, the texture and taste is closer to Chinese doughnut or fried doughnut. The crispiness on outer layer and doughy part in the middle, so delicious. Mixed with fresh banana, berry and refreshing sauce topped with creamy ice cream. So damn perfect.

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174-178 Lygon St
Carlton VIC 3053