Homi Noodle Bar

Wednesday, October 30, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Homi Noodle Bar comes from the team behind Workshop Brothers and The Northcote STN. It's a casual dining Asian fusion restaurant with modern Vietnamese flair. A mixed between Vietnam and Melbourne is not uncommon right now. But Homi has been open for a while now and remain strong. The location is four minutes walk from Melbourne Central and there's nothing like it around.

I was invited to their launching party but never a proper meal and I wanted to but always no time, things got in a way. Same old excuses. But finally, for our regular date. No, not with my husband, with my good friend, Christina. Homi Milk Tea with pearls ($6.8) and 6 God - Strawberry and Lychee Cocktail ($16). She used to be my date for most of my invites, blogger events and more, before responsibility kick in. She has to work full time and I have a kid. Adulting is hard.

Both me and her, tend to order a lot and yes we both can eat alright but yea we tend to go a touch overboard at times. Spicy Beef Tartare - Laoganma, Nashi Pear, Quail Egg & Horseradish Cream ($18.5) and HOMI HSP - Tater Tots, Grilled Beef, Pho Spiced Mayo, Sriracha Hoisin, Pickled Shallots ($18.5). We tried the tater tots first and we both feel it's weird at first but it's growing as you go. Definitely a unique attempt on a fusion dish, I give them that. The tartare has a heavier flavour palate than usual, cause tartare usually has a very light and fresh flavour. This reminded me of yuk hwae, Korean style beef tartare. Punching heavy sauce tartare but the pear helps lighten it up a bit. Also pretty nice with the rice cracker.

Move on to round two; Wagyu Pho’Boy - Beef Patty, Spicy Pho Mayo, Shredded Lettuce, Shallots & V-Mint ($11) and Soft Shell Crab Banh Canh - Rice Drop Noodles, Soft Shell Crab, Quail Egg & Prawns ($16.9). I like the twist on pho better in this bao dish, the tender beef patty with delicious shallots and fluffy bun. Homi can make delicious shallots, that is definite, both in this bao and HSP possess same delicious shallots. But the clear savoury dish winner is their noodles, oh myy they are so good that even though we are in the brink of throwing up cause we ate too much that we keep eating. Rich thick broth but not over whelming with bouncy noodles and fresh seafood. Highly recommended.

But we still have to order dessert, what to say? We have completely different stomach for sweet stuff. Eton Mess - Meringue, Coconut Whipped Cream, Berry Compote, Mint, Crumble. Sadly, this is the let down of the night. It was way too sweet and comes in a weird room temperature also needed a touch of crunchy texture to breakdown the soggy mess. They come in a very generous size, perfect to share between four people.

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Homi Noodle Bar
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2/190 Queen St
Melbourne VIC 3000