Cafe Kamu (Invited)

Tuesday, October 22, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Cafe Kamu merely opened for 3 months, just minutes away from Malvern station. Street parking is available but could be challenging on weekends. I know the owner way before the cafe open, she also run Couture Bakes. Homemade online bakery, serving various goodies starting from wedding cakes, dessert box, dessert jar and many more.

Now, she goes on and opened her latest venture, Cafe Kamu. She wanted this brunch experience to be different, to bring Sri Lankan flavour to the classic brunch flavour. You can clearly see it when you read the menu. Interior wise, it's spacious and there's big kitchen that can be use for cake demonstration later on.

Spicy Breakfast Croissant - coconut sambol, poached eggs, toasted butter croissant, bacon & trecale ($18). I love the idea of croissant filled in with Asian flavour filling. Flaky buttery croissant, perfect on it's own. Enhanced with traditional creamy yet a lil bit spicy coconut sambol mixed with perfectly runny poached eggs. Yum!

Kamu Curry - jaggery beef, rotti, coconut sambol ($17). My mom is a big fan of curry and she was there with me on the day. I love flavourness of the super tender beef, it looks dry but it's certainly not dry at all. Nice comfort meal in the morning. Certainly a different view on brunch and I like it.

Red Velvet Waffles - seasonal fruit, cream cheese glaze, scoop of ice cream, nutella sauce, Persian floss ($16). The presentations is amazing, modern and rich. I would prefer the waffles to be a lil bit crunchier but love the variety of the toppings in the plate. Creamy cream glaze mixed in together with ice cream and nutella, ultimate guilty pleasure.

Cafe Kamu
Shop 1/60 Belgrave Rd
Malvern East VIC 3145