Zouz Cafe (Invited)

Saturday, September 14, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Zouz Cafe is a very spacious cafe located in Camberwell. It has a spacious indoor spaces as well as outdoor spaces. They have three separates area, small indoor area near the barista, large indoor areas complete with spacious kids corner and charming outdoor area.

The owner said, they just went through renovation. I love the spaciness and airiness of the space. It;s charming without too much decoration and it does feel homey yet modern. The Kids Corner is part of the new renovation. This is officially the biggest kids corner at a cafe I have ever seen. They have huge jenga, cooking station, grocery station, train station and even small fuse balls and a couple of card games for the teenager.

Pancake - fluffy pancakes, salted caramel sauce, berry panna cotta, nutella, toasted almond flake ($18). Three stack of warm soft pancakes comes with jiggly fresh pannacotta. I do want a lil bit more salted caramel sauce cause at the end without the pannacotta it's slightly dry. I do love the toasted almond flake, generous berries and a touch nutella.

Grilled Calamari - roasted potato, grapes, chorizo, caramelised lemon, rocket, chermoula, fresh chilli ($18). The calamari is nicely flavoured but a touch over cooked. I love the addition of fresh grapes for acidity in conjunction with caramelised lemon. Crispy potato and generous chermoula mixed well with rocket. A slight spiciness also added a nice ending to the dish.

Shukshuka - Middle Eastern baked eggs, grilled chorizo, labna, za'atar. flat bread ($18). I would expect more eggs inside cause we only find one but the sauce it self is amazingly rich, have a nice kick at the end matched well with chorizo and flat bread.

At the end, the owner come in and talked to us for a short while. My husband even consider throwing my boy birthday in the venue. This is definitely a nice venue for mum and bubs or even large family gatherings.

Zouz Cafe
+6139889 0998
1420 Toorak Rd
Camberwell VIC 3124