Red Piggy (Invited)

Friday, September 06, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Red Piggy is a brand new Asian fusion casual dining, joining the others in Melbourne CBD. Located on the level 3 at the strategic Little Bourke/Swanston St. Across the famous 8 bit. It has the stunning view of Melbourne CBD and would be awesome on a dry weather, even better when it's summer time.

I arrived for early dinner on a Friday night with my friend. We both love the interior, modern and young. They have limited indoor tables but they can cater for several large groups. Outdoor seatings is also available when the weather permits.

Tropical Crushes: Lychee - lime, apple mint and Peach - green tea, passionfruit ($9ea). It has a texture of slushy which I love so much. This would perfect drink to be enjoyed by the beach under the tropical sun.

Lemongrass Prawn - asian greens cashews, rambutan pistou, crispy sesame rice paper crackers ($14) and Crispy Chilli Squid - kaffir lime leaves mayo ($14). Both of this dish were pretty average, The sesame crackers with fresh salad was pretty nice but I was expecting more flavourful from the prawn rather than just loss in the salad. The squid was a lil bit rubbery but still crunchy and we love the mayo.

Low & Slow Pork Belly - sticky chilli BBQ sauce , South East Asian Herbs, crunchy apple salad ($22), Tamarind Fish - chilli tamarind, butter sauce ($26) and South East Asian Corn Fritters ($7). The main were delicious, definitely much better than the entree. Love the melting pork belly with crispy skin and sticky chilli sauce. I would definitely order this again. The fish could be a little crispier but the soft inside with strong tamarind butter flavour settle nicely in my mouth.

Lemongrass Panna Cotta - mango puree ($13) and Creme Brulee ($13). I really want to like the dessert but sadly, these two are the first dessert that I could not finish in a very long time. The pannacotta was overly dense and the lemongrass is way too strong. I'm so sad about this but the creme brulee is grainy and it's split, also not enough of charred sugar on top.

I honestly want to like Red Piggy so much cause I do love the interior and I do think it has a great potential. The flavour and execution of the food needed to be improve to be able to compete in the very competitive food industry nowadays. I would not mind to come back for a second try once the menu has changed.

Red Piggy
Level 3/263 Little Bourke St
Melbourne VIC 3000