Project281 Cafe (Invited)

Wednesday, September 04, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Project281 is a popular large spacious cafe in Brunswick. They have their own coffee brand called Founder Coffee Co. Project281 also well known for their involvement in sustainability as well as highly creative and unique menu.

Arriving on Saturday, the cafe is super busy. We met Aaron the manager who invited us and he already prepared us a nice table with high chair for my kid. This cafe is perfect for large groups or family with prams, cause it's super spacious and airy. I love the concrete interior, with high ceilings and greenery.

Not only the food, the drinks also creative. Iced Coffee Sphere - hot milk on the side ($8), DIY Prana Chai - sticky agave chai, cinnamon stick, cinnamon sprinkle ($7) and Winter Health Boost - steamed apple juice, ginger, mint, honey, cinnamon ($7). I love the winter boost so much, they sell this kind of fruit mules in the London market. None other cafe served this, as far as I know. This is the perfect juice for winter.

Prawn Okonomiyaki - Japanese savoury prawn pancake, tonkatsu sauce, mayo, pickled ginger, nori, bonito ($24). Big prawns served on top of the okonomiyaki. My husband loves this dish so much. Fluffy dough with generous prawn inside plus on top. What a luxurious breakfast dish indeed.

The Giant Pork Sandwich - crumbed pork, apple slaw, BBQ sauce, pickled cabbage, thick cut charcoal sourdough ($19.5). I have seen this dish all over Instagram and I knew I have to try it. Crispy flavourful pork with fresh slaw and airy charcoal bread. I have no complain.

Chocolate Loaded Taiyaki Waffles - choco stuffed waffles, honeycomb, choco yuzu syrup, choc ice cream, chocolate sponge, choc nut soil, mint ($21). Project281 make a commitment of donating $1 form this dish to sustainable projects. Not only ordering this dish, helps the environment. It's also delicious. Something unique and different than any other brunch cafe sweet dishes but also maintaining high quality flavour. Abundant warm chocolate inside the fluffy taiyaki dough with rich chocolate cake on the side. Ultimate chocolate desserts! Highly recommended for chocolate lovers like my self.

It was a blast, the service could be a little bit faster but considering it's Saturday and they are busy, it's very understandable. The price also a lil bit on the high side but that's the price for the unique and creative dishes.

Project 281
+6139080 6119
281 Albert St
Brunswick VIC 3056