May Yu (Invited)

Saturday, September 28, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

May Yu is a brand new Asian dessert bar at Rose Lane. They specialised in modern simple dessert experience using curated natural ingredients, made fresh in house everyday. All ingredients has been selected for special reasons, especially healthy benefits. There's no preservatives, additives and colourings. On top of that, their desserts also healthy friendly.

I first encounter May Yu when I dine at District Mot. Thankfully, it's located near my office. I went in after work and surprised on how sophisticated the place is. I love all taupe and cream colour throughout the interior. Screams modern as well as luxurious. I would love to bring my guest here to entertain them. They divided their menu in seasons which I think is a very interesting approach.

Summer; Strawberry Sweetheart - strawberry sauce, smoky sugarcane ice chips, sticky rice balls  ($16). May Yu specialised in smoky sugarcane ice chips. None other in Melbourne served this as well as the world, except in Taiwan. The taste is mild with strong smokiness and just a lil bit of sweetness. The whole combination makes the dessert, fresh and not to sweet.

Spring; Bumblebee - sweetened pineapple, smoky sugarcane ice chips, herbal jelly ($15). May Yu served their dessert in a sophisticated glass bowl, differentiating them with all the Asian desserts in China town with similar concept but less healthy approach. I love the fresh finely cubed pineapple with a lil bit of bitterness from herbal jelly, all ended up mixed nicely.

Winter; The Lot - tofu pudding, chewy tapioca pearls, braised peanuts,  taro ball ($13.5). This is the most subtle in terms of flavour. It reminds me of the dessert my grand father loves. Soft tofu pudding with rich braised nuts. In this dish I would love it to be a touch sweeter to match with the chewy pearls. But this is the perfect dessert to warm your self up in winter as well as increase your immunity.

May Yu
Shop 305T & 306T
1 Rose Ln
Melbourne VIC 3000