Izakaya Jiro (Invited)

Tuesday, September 10, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Izakaya Jiro is a traditional Japanese restaurant, reachable by walking from the station. Plenty of street parkings around, also in front of a tram line. The restaurants look quite small from the front but actually quite big once you enter the restaurant.

I arrived on a Tuesday dinner time. I love how comfortable the restaurants feels. Simple decorations but still attractive and hinting modern Japanese dining. Semi open kitchen adds a nice openess and charming feeling to the space. Started with yuzu shoju, love them so much. Fresh yuzu, does not have the bitterness normally appears in alcoholic drinks. My husband also ordered hot sake - Chikuha Noto Daiginjo Kochi.

Wagyu Beef Tataki - Lightly seared wagyu beef with thinly sliced onion and plum flavoured grated radish with a quail egg. ($12.8) and Spicy Salmon Avocado Salad - Seared salmon and fresh avocado with chilli miso dressing ($12.8). Both of these dishes are amazingly delicious. Well done in execution and flavours. Highly recommended for a fresh start.

Kushiyaki Combo - Yakitori, Tsukune, Gyu Kushi, Zucchini & Ebi ($15). The most popular is yakitori according to the staff, juicy chicken thigh that just melts in your mouth. I agreed. But the rest also delicious, juicy minced chicken ball and tender meat, fresh vegies as well as succulent prawn. What's not to like, really?

Sashimi Plate and Hotate Chilli Mayo - grilled Hokkaido scallops. Topped with Japanese chilli mayonnaise ($9.8).We love the fresh sashimi plate, it changes daily but they always have salmon tuna and kingfish. Stunning pieces of fish indeed. Izakaya Jiro does not take chilli lightly, whether in their salmon salad or grilled scallops, you can really taste the fire. I honestly, love it. Perfectly cooked scallops. Stunning dish indeed.

Shiitake Ebi Shinjo - Shiitake mushrooms stuffed with mashed prawns deep fried with light batter ($10.8), Grilled Mackarel and Sukiyaki wagyu beef. One of the most delicious mushroom tempura I have ever tasted even, so flavourful and crunchy, not just a simple mushroom dish. Must ordered! The mackarel and sukiyaki are the least of my favourite that night, not because it does not taste good but the other dishes are simply amazing.

Yuzu Sorbet and Black Sesame Pannacotta. Ended with a loud bang! Refreshing sticky yuzu sorbet that I can honestly eat everyday. My husband loves the rich jiggly pannacotta with matcha powder on top. Overall, we love this restaurant so much that we will back again soon!

Izakaya Jiro
+6139818 7163
830 Glenferrie Rd
Hawthorn VIC 3122