Dari Korea Cafe & Bar (Invited)

Sunday, September 08, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Dari Korean Cafe and Bar is a unique concept, Melbourne have not seen before. Melbourne style cafe meets Korean street food, that's how they describe it. Dari means ‘bridge’ in Korean, bridging between Melbourne and Korean flavour. Yoon-ji, Dari owner grows up in her parents traditional Korean restaurant in South Korea. When she move to Melbourne, there where she began to fall in love with Melbourne cafe's.

Yoon-ji finally opened her dream cafe in the busy street of Hardware Ln. The simple cafe with iconic green colour in front, a lil outdoor seatings and indoor perfect for intimate experience. I came in early Tuesday morning and met Yoon-ji in person. She's a very friendly person and I can tell she's one hard working woman.

Job’s Tears Latte - Job’s tears (Adlay cereal) is a traditional grain used in far east Asia topped with walnut ($6.5) and Black Sesame Latte -Milled black sesame with soymilk ($6.5). Both of these drinks were pretty heavy and thick, perfect for the cold winter weather. Job's tear latte is something unique that I never encounter anywhere in Melbourne before.

Idol Sandwich  In-gi-ga-yo Sandwich - Mexican Salad, Egg Potato Salad with Strawberry Jam in 4 Slices of Bread. ($17). One of the best sandwich combinations I have ever tasted. It's fresh, it's new, it's unqiue. A great combination of sweet and savoury. Due to the size, it's best to be shared. I really like the combination between the jam, creamy potato salad and fresh cold Mexican salad. Making the whole sandwich light even though it's full of fillings.

Slider Set - Bulgogi Bun, Spicy Pork Bulgogi Bun & Mexican Salad Bun ($17). These are the classic Korean meat meet milk burger bun. Not as unique as the previous dishes but still very much enjoyable. The taste of the meat is still very authentic, just like any other Korean restaurant in Melbourne.

Seaweed Crips - Housemade seaweed crips, layers of seaweed with glutinous rice mix is dried and fried with sesame ($7). I love this so much cause who does not love crispy seaweed crisps. I can eat this all day and perfect companion while drinking some soju too.

Korean Soy Triramisu with Rice Cake - Mascarpone, cream, Amaretto & sweet soy powder! Rice cake on top. Dari’s take on tiramisu and soy powder fusion ($6.5). This is a unique kind of tiramisu that I have never tasted before. To me, it's very heavy and a lil bit dry in the end. I would prefer it has a lil bit of liquid element in there to soften things up.

Dari Korean Cafe and Bar
+6139917 2299
27-29 Hardware Ln
Melbourne VIC 3000