Surch (Invited)

Friday, August 09, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

We went to try Surch at Forrest Hill Chase Shopping Centre last weekend. It is located in the lower ground food court of the mall. The stall looks modern and clean, very well design for a food court stall.

We had Shuck it Steak and Salmon Says. Shuck it -  The oyster blade steak was juicy and the truffle mayo took the steak to another level of deliciousness. The roasted potatoes with rosemary and the garlic green beans complimented the steak very well. We find the cheddar cheese shavings did not do much to enhance the dish, except for just adding saltiness to it. Otherwise it was a delicious well-balanced meal. We really enjoyed it.

Salmon Says - The sous vide Norwegian salmon fillet was a little bit overcooked to ur liking, but the overall flavours were delicious. The apple fennel salad, miso butter corn and the pumpkin and almond basil pesto, again, complimented the salmon well. The blood orange and fig dressing brings citrusy freshness to the overall dish. Great way to compliment the fish.

Overall we love the dishes we had from Surch. It is great to find a food vendor who serves fast, high quality, tasty and flavoursome well balanced meals in a shopping mall that are usually oversaturated with fast foods.

There's certainly room for improvements;Perhaps to slice the steaks more thoroughly before serving would be great. Plastic cutleries are not so great to cut through tendons in oyster blade type of steaks. The salmon could have been cooked a little less overcooked.

270 Canterbury Rd
Forest Hill VIC 3131