Siam Thai (Revisited-Invited)

Tuesday, August 13, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

I have been to Siam Thai a couple of times, invited and by my own accord. This time around, the owner contacted me again to come in and have a taste of their new menu. I gladly come in after work on a weekdays night.

When we arrived, the staff straight away show us to our table and explain what are we getting that night. I personally, would love to pick my own menu since they have plenty to choose from. We started with Look Shin Ping - grilled pork & fish meat balls ($5). The meat balls was a little bit dry and tough even though with the dipping sauce it's quite enjoyable.

Grilled Duck Salad and Tom Zap Leng. Love the spicy fresh duck salad, one of the best dish of the night. Together with the spicy sour ribs soup, it's just perfect. The light broth but still strong in flavour was fresh even though the ribs was a bit tough.

Traditional Boat Noodles, Thai Spicy Beef and Ginger Prawn Grass Noodle. We love the sweet and rich boat noodles, it's something perfect for any weather. Contrary to the the ginger prawn grass noodle, we find the noodle is a bit dry and the prawn is a bit over cooked even though the size of the prawn is so tempting. But we love the thai spicy beef so much, not too spicy but very well marinated and so tender.

Taro Layer Crepe Cake with Coconut Ice Cream, Pink Milk tea and Thai Milk Tea. We love the crepe cake especially with the sauce and coconut ice cream, super creamy with strong taro taste but not too sweet. We don't fancy the pink milk tea cause it's only taste sweet and nothing else but their thai milk tea is okay.

I was disappointed that the only menu I ordered my self and it's for my kid cause the other menu they served were spicy was given a bill. So I have to pay for it my self at the end of the day. Besides that, their service are pretty quick but I do think my last visit to Siam Thai was more successful in terms of flavour.

Siam Thai
165a Bourke St
Melbourne, VIC 3000