Shinbashi Yakiniku (Revisited-Invited)

Thursday, August 01, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Shinbashi Yakiniku like it's name specialise in Japanese Barbecue. Lygon St, Carlton normally populated with Italian restaurant but nowadays a couple of Asian restaurant begins to pop up as well. One of them is Shinbashi Yakiniku. The restaurant has two level; the first level filled with tatami and regular table and on the top floor mainly for private functions.

This is my second invite to Shinbashi Yakiniku. The settings is slightly different than my first invite, now it's more elegant and modern. Losing all the lantern and bamboo that I saw one on my first invite. Honestly, I love it more. Simple, spacious and much more comfortable. Shinbashi  has a 90 minute all you can eat for $60/pp or Child 4-12 years old $19/pp but I opted for their  ala carte menu. Started with delicious clear broth.

Ultimate Wagyu Box - 8 selections of Premium Australia Wagyu cuts (320g) - $70. We got Wagyu Short Rib, Wagyu Harami, Wagyu Marble Beef, Wagyu Ox Tounge, Premium Wagyu Dice, Premium Oyster Blade, Wagyu Rib Finger and Wagyu Sirloin.  This box is limited to three serving per day and the meat variety can also be different every day.

This is the perfect box, if you come alone or on a date and would like to try different kind of cut of wagyu. A small pieces of each variety would definitely be fun and filling, it's also great to find out which cut is your favourite and you can order them next. The presentations is also elegant and looks amazing. And I can tell you this, it's also delicious. The meat were tender, full of flavourful just on it's own, high quality meat indeed.

Kagoshima A5 Blade Meat (Thin Cut, 120g) - $39. They also have a couple of Special Japanese meat range, one of them is Kagoshima. I have never tried Kagoshima meat before but it's so delicious even though still a touch below Hida beef in my opinion. The meat just needed around 15 second on each side on the bbq then straight to your mouth, burst full of fatty flavourful. Yum!

We also ordered a couple of additional; Premium Ox Tounge ($15.9), Butter Cheese Sweet Potato - $9.9 and Nabeyaki Udon ($14.9). This is my first time having sweet potato pot on top of bbq, it's a unique way to cook it for sure. I love the buttery sweetness of the potato. Udon, of course for my kid. He loves it so much, he finished almost all of it on his own.

I wish they have desserts menu. That's the only complain I got. Besides that, it was a fantastic meal experience and I will definitely be back for those delicious meat. Their service also top notch since we started to end, everything comes pretty fast and they attended to all of our needs nicely.

Shinbashi Yakiniku
+6139347 3528
282 Lygon St
Carlton VIC 3053