Pink. The Restaurant (Invited)

Monday, August 05, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Pink The Restaurant is Melbourne's one and only all pink restaurant. When I heard about it, it reminded me of The Sketch in London, they also have all pink room but with Gallery team. I was invited to Pink sneak preview but sadly, I was away so Helen Reizer kindly enough scheduled a private invite for me for later date.

Pink located on the 2nd floor, on top of a pizza store called Rozzi's. Strategic location cause it's seating on Swanston Street, between Bourke St and Little Collins St. Upon arriving, the owner greeted me straight away and he said he's been friends with Helen for over 10 years. I'm certain, I have also met him on a launching party somewhere, cause I have been going to Helen's party for years now.

Anyway back to the pinkness of Pink. Stepping on the 2nd floor all you can see is Millenial Pink. It feels like Legally Blonde or Barbie dream house. I reckoned my friends girls would be thrilled in here. Everything is pink, I'm talking everything! Table, chairs, lamps, decorations, stairs, everything! Another thing I noticed is almost all of their customers are female, there are only 3 other guys besides my husband and kid during my visit. All the girls dressed up cause all of them want to take pictures or the very least selfie in the venue.

We started with Pink Cheesecake Martini - vodka, baileys coconut cream, raspberries, biscuit rimmed glass ($19) and Watermelon Mocktail ($9.9). Both arrived as pink as it comes, beautifully presented and my husband likes the martini. He said it's creamy with bitterness but not too strong. I on the other hand would like stronger watermelon flavour on my mocktail.

The owner explain to us, they wanted Pink to be healthy Italian restaurant. They used all superfood as colouring, beetroot for all the pink colour. Calamari with Love - grilled calamari, rocket, polenta chips, lemon caper dressing, citrus aioli ($19.9).

Pink also caters to vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and more. Their pizza is all vegan base but because of the cauliflower base they don't retain as much heat so don't take too long taking pics, make sure you eat them while it's hot. Magic Mushroom - mushroom puree, porcini mushroom, mozzarella, truffle oil, rocket ($24.9). In terms of flavour, I would like stronger flavour in the truffle and cheese and it does gets cold really fast.

Love song from Tuscany - tender chicken in mascarpone, pesto with tomatoes, roasted peppers, spinach, parsley, linguini ($24.9). There's certainly abundant tomatoes and sauce in this dish that I only find just a lil bit of the chicken inside. I would love more of the mascarpone as well.

Taking a look at the desserts menu, I asked the staff about 'Self Love Pimped Out Fairy Floss' turns out it's just a fairy floss that comes with rose quarts crystals which they say opens your heart to yourself and others. LOL. I opted for Pink Fondue ($19.7). You can choose between their signature pink, milk chocolate or dark for your dipping chocolate. Of course I picked pink cause it's Pink the restaurant.

When my fondue arrived, the owner comes in and gave us three rose quartz bracelet. He said it has a strong chakra and they said when the bracelet breaks, it means you don't need it anymore. Back to the fondue, I wish they use ruby chocolate for their pink signature chocolate cause it would produce a stronger pink colour as well as richer chocolate flavour. The toppings begin with classic strawberry then oreo, marshmallow, brownies and more.

The second floor of Pink is dedicated for photo studio, they have four photo spot that I imagined all the girls would love to get up and take plenty of pictures here. Pink the restaurant has pledged to donate $2 to women's health charity called Liptember for every photo posted on Instagram with hashtag #frompinktoyou. There are also plenty of self love messaging throughout the restaurants that at first I love but then maybe it get's too much.

I would recommend Pink the restaurant for drinks and taking photo's, it would look pretty for girls night, bachelorette party or mother's day drinks. In terms of food, there's still much room to grow and there's plenty of creative idea involving the colour of pink in food.

Pink. The Restaurant
Level 1/157 Swanston St
Melbourne VIC 3000