Kingyo Izakaya (Invited)

Monday, August 19, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Kingyo Izakaya is a small cozy Japanese restaurant, right across Moonee Ponds Station. The owner is a very friendly lady who invited me in cause her friend, the owner of one the Italian restaurant in Fitzroy recommended me. I came in on a Saturday night.

Acho greeted me straight away and show me to my seats. She recommended a couple of things for me then we started with warm sake. The food comes almost straight away and the other staff is also as friendly as Acho. They don't have high chair but they do have sofa that's pretty suitable for kids.

Kingfish Carpaccio -Yuzu Kosho vinaigrette, tobiko and salad ($19). The salad is a bit too much for me cause all I wanted is the beautiful kingfish carpaccio with a slight acidity from the fresh yuzu vinaigrette. A lil bit more tobiko would be great to add the popping texture.

Beef Tataki - Seared rare beef with Yuzo kosho ponzu and daikon oroshi dressing ($22). The cutting is slightly too thick for me but the dressings are delicious. Fresh and lifted up the beef flavour. I finished all of them so quickly.

Agedashi Tofu and Homemade Kimchi are a very nice additional to our dinner. My kid loves the flavourful tofu and the kimchi is not too spicy or sour. Just nicely done, and very generous portions as well.

Salmon Aburi - Salmon lightly cooked with a torch on sushi rice and lemon (2pcs/$7.5) and Tuna and Avocado - spicy mayonnaise inside out rolls with sesame seeds ($13.5). I would love the rice to be a lil bit firmer but the salmon cooked perfectly, cut nicely and love it. The tuna roll is just perfect, generous tuna on top with spicy mayo enough for the kick.

Tonkatsu - Fried tender pork with bread crumbs with sweet miso sauce ($20) and Vegetarian Miso soup ($4). My highlight of the night, super crunchy bread crumbs batter with very tender pork inside topped with generous sweet miso soup. Ended with warm miso soup and white rice. Perfect.

Yuzu Pannacotta and Chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream. The texture of pannacotta is light and jiggly, just perfect but the yuzu syrup is a touch too sour for me but it is very refreshing. Chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream, delicious combination.

Kingyo Izakaya
+6139372 8585
12 Margaret St
Moonee Ponds VIC 3039