Katori (Invited)

Saturday, August 03, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Katori is a relatively new Premium Japanese restaurant in Boxhill. They specialise in Yakiniku which means Japanese BBQ. Seating underneath luxury boutique hotel, The Chen. Katori has an impressive set of Chef, Kengo Hiromatsu previously worked in Nobu and Sake, helped by Yasuo Matsuike also previously from Nobu.

Upon entering the restaurant, it was dark and dim. Romantic and elegant designed by award winning Melissa Collison. Katori served yakiniku, ala carte and  extensive selection of Japanese sake, cocktails and wines to match the dining experience. We were give two drinks to start with, they are both beautifully presented.

Katori Signature Sashimi Tasting Plate - steamed baby abalone, seared wagyu, uni & tuna on top of rice, toro sashimi ($32). Amazing starters, very well presented. Luxurious and high quality exotic ingredients, all in one plate. Everything about this platter is delicious and perfectly executed. Delicious fresh uni and tuna than medium rare tender wagyu, ended with my favourite juicy tuna belly sashimi.

Wagyu Steak Don and Unagi Don. These are the mini version of their lunch menu. Mayura full blood wagyu steak served medium rare was cooked nicely but needed a lil bit more seasonings but their fresh grilled eel was cooked and seasoned to perfection.

Wagyu Karubi MB 7+ 100g ($20) and Wagyu Short Rib MB 9+ 100g ($38). These two are part of their premium meat selection, it's available lunch and dinner. Finely and evenly cut to perfection. Only need less than 30 seconds for each side to be cooked than let it rest for a couple second on your plate before letting the fat burst in your mouth. They have three sauces; spicy miso, teriyaki and yuzu miso. I love yuzu miso the most, added a nice freshness to the meat. Their MB9+ is no doubt delicious and very much worth the price.

Bird Nest Pudding - strawberry milk pudding with bird nest, rose tea jelly, berries, comported strawberry ($18). Katori desserts are both a stunner in presentations and highly delicious in taste. There's a lot of creativity and intricate details involve in each plate. The pudding is so fresh, light yet creamy. Everything about this dessert, I love to the bits and very easy to eat the whole thing on your own.

Water Flower Cake - black syrup, shredded halva, kinako. vanilla ice cream ($12). Modern take of the traditional Japanese water mochi. Fresh jiggly water mochi with sweet black thick syrup and nutty kinako, ended with creamy ice cream. Delicious.

G01/850 Whitehorse Rd
Box Hill VIC 3128