Go Marche (Invited)

Friday, August 23, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Go Marche is a one stop venue for fun, good bites and great venue to catch up with friends and loved ones. Entering the place, you will immediately feel a relaxed and fun atmosphere all arounds. There are a few shelves full of various board games for you to choose from. For those who would like to sing along for fun or wanting to have your own “auditions” for the next The Voice contest, there are Karaoke rooms with very reasonable rates.

If you come in with a hungry tummy, don’t worry, there are some really tasty Taiwanese snacks to keep your tummy happy. We sampled some of their dishes during a recent Chinese Valentine celebration event.

The dishes we had were:
QuinDomino - this quinoa salad with grilled vegetables was a light and sweet entree our dinner. It was light and refreshing dish with great mix of textures. I feel like this dish could use a touch of citrusy ingredient to balance out the sweetness of it. We also tried their marinated soft boiled egg, which was a tasty entree.

Next came Monoporkly, which was a slow cooked pork belly with peanut dust and pickles, wrapped in soft gua bao bun. A popular Taiwanese dish. It's a nice effort from their behalf to name the dishes related to board games. Like this one comes from the popular game monopoly.

Go Marche - was a combination platter of Taiwanese sausage and Taiwanese style pop corn chicken. The sausage was tender, tasty and sweet. Popcorn chicken pieces were tasty too. Great snack bites to accompany your board games night.

Luro Pork -  Great dish of minced pork & pickle rice bowl for those who needs something a little more filling. If you played way too long and snack would not suffice you through the night while playing competitive games. This would be it.

Bubble Tea Ice cream could be your choice of dessert here if you love bubble tea. This place serves non-alcoholic drinks like refreshing mocktails, bubble tea drinks and milk shakes. Great place to enjoy good times with your mates over board games, karaoke or simply enjoying Taiwanese popular dishes.

+6139663 8898
Go Marche
63 A'Beckett St
Melbourne VIC 3000