Food Tales Bar & Kitchen (Invited)

Tuesday, August 27, 2019 Sharon Halim 9 Comments

Food Tales Bar & Kitchen owned by a lovely Indian family. The main person in the restaurant is the husband. He owned over 30 restaurant in India and still own around 15 right now back there. His wife would like to be a researcher so she went to Australia to study and brought their kids with her. But one of their kids fell ill and the husband decides to move to Australia to be with them then finally opened Food Tales.

Food Tales  is a combination all kind of cuisines in one restaurant. The owner said it's the best of the best from all of his restaurant in India put into one. They also created various new dishes for this restaurant. It's exciting also confusing in the same time for me reading their menu. They have so many things that I don't know what to order so I let the owner ordered for us.

Chicken Satay ($14.5). There are so many varieties of chicken satay, almost all South East Asian country have their own version. Food Tales satay drawn inspiration from Indonesian satay and I have to say as an Indonesian, the sauce did taste pretty similar. Good job guys! Tender meat, not overly cooked but I would like more sauce in it.

Beetroot Croquets ($12). I'm not a big fan if beetroot so does my husband but my kid loves it. He ate one whole croquets on it's own and the size of it, it's pretty big. The crumb was nice and crunchy. The fillings is basically chopped beetroot and it held nicely. There are two dipping sauces, we do think that the mustard is way too pungent and we did not eat that much of it.

Crumb Fried Fish Fillet ($14.5). This dish comes from the classic British fish and chips but fusion with Indian spices. My husband and I loves it so much, the crumb contrast with the super soft fish inside and much more spices flavour in it. Delicious.

Chicken Tikka Massala Pizza - grilled chicken in home made tandoori marinade baked with a bled of masala gravy, napoli sauce, tandoori mayo, house special spices ($13). This is certainly a unique pizza, fusion between Italian pizza and Indian spices. Thin based pizza with mild Indian spices, not too strong but still flavourful. My son loves it.

At first, the owner want to give us mixed kebab but we just ate mixed kebab the night before so we opted for Lamb Cutlets - Secret Spice rub Grilled Lamb Chops served with our version of Tzatziki, and Garden-fresh Salad. The spices have a blend of Moroccan and Indian Spices, aromatically superior, and mildly tangy ($36.5). We love the perfectly cooked lamb chops, generous portions and nice twist of tzatziki.

Gajar ka Halwa - warm Indian Carrot Pudding serve with Pistachio and vanilla ice-cream ($12). When I heard carrot pudding, I have my doubt. But, it was much better than I expected also much healthier than regular pudding. They slow cooked the carrot using milk instead of water to reach the soft creamy texture. It is pretty heavy at the end and best to be shared.

Their hospitality was very nice, beyond believe. The owner definitely loves children and even cater to my boy more than any other restaurant has ever done. He gave my son his own vanilla ice cream for dessert. At the end, he gave us Nutella Pizza to take home for him. He said for this dessert lunch the next day. How sweet is he?

Right now, they also have current Groupon offers, just klik here to check them out. It's a nice way to try them out with out costing too much money. $49 for a three-course meal for two people; two entrees, two main, one dessert and two glass of wine. Pretty good, right?

Food Tales Bar & Kitchen
+6139576 9963
636a North Rd
Ormond VIC 3204


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