Drip Cafe (Invited)

Thursday, August 15, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Drip Cafe located in Cheltenham, it has a dark blue and white interior. It has a modern yet luxurious  vibe due to the royal blue colour but remain casual. They have a medium size indoor seatings as well as outdoor courtyard at the back.

I was invited by the owner's wife in Instagram, upon my arrival I met the husband and he greeted me nicely. He sent one of his staff to take care of me and my family, she was really friendly and warm, even towards my kid. She gave him colour pencil and colouring paper straight away.

Chilli Scrambled Eggs - sourdough, chorizo, pecorino, corn avocado salsa ($18). Perfectly cooked fluffy egg, my ultimate comfort food on a Saturday morning. Not too spicy but the chorizo added a nice spiciness to it then calmed by the creamy avocado salsa. Love.

Southern Fried Waffles - Southern fried chicken, buttermilk waffle, apple, cabbage slaw, fresh chilli, sesame seeds, siracha aioli ($21) add bacon ($5). Abundant siracha aioli really give a nice kick to the whole dish, maybe a touch to much at the very end if you don't have a high tolerant for spiciness. But I love the crunchy tender chicken with the crisp outer layer of the waffle and fluffy inside. The fresh apple slaw also add a nice acidity and freshness to the dish.

Orange Blossom Hotcake - orange cream, vanilla bean mascarpone, fresh berries, caramelised orange, raspberry coulis, pure maple syrup ($18). A very well made fluffy hot cake, aromatic with strong orange flavour and aroma. Super creamy mascarpone and soury raspberry coulis matched perfectly with the hot cake.

We love every bits of Drip Cafe and certainly won't be our last time visiting this cafe since it's also located pretty close to our home. The service was perfect till the end, friendly and fast. I can see they already have loyal locals customers dropping by.

Drip Cafe
88 Chesterville Rd
Cheltenham VIC 3192