Chacho's (Invited)

Wednesday, August 07, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Chacho's is a brand new pizza and bar in the famous Chapel St, Windsor. The owner contacted me via Instagram and invite me in for a tasting. Chacho's open everyday for dinner starting 5pm onwards. Chacho is a casual word froms Muchacho means a young man or woman in Spanish. The concept clearly has Spanish Mexican flare with cactus as it's logo and calaca (Mexican Spanish name for Skeleton) on their menu.

I went in on a Sunday for an early dinner, I always like coming in early before the crowd comes in to take a picture of the venue and pay attention to the interior detail. The owner was there to greet us and he gave us the drink menu straight away. Boy, I was surprise by his creativity. The drink menu is inside old vintage dvd case, so cute and authentic. It's just fun.

We start with Lychee-Rita - reposado tequila, lychee, lime, agave ($18) and Baby Viva - mango, passionfruit, lime ($10). This is one of the most delicious and proper mocktail I have tasted in a while, usually mocktail taste and look like an after thought compared to cocktail. But baby viva has it's own salty rim that match with the thick rich juice inside. Love it.

Whole Hog - pork & fennel sausage, crackling sprinkles, mozzarella, caramelised onion, ricotta dollops ($22) and pizza crust dips; salsa verde ($4). We love this pizza a lot, thin based crisp pizza but rich in mozzarella as well as heavenly generous ricotta creamy dollops topped with super crunchy crackling in the middle. Delicious. They also added a unique dipping sauce for the crust and the freshness of the salsa verde actually very enjoyable with the plain crust.

Chacho Burger - house made beef patty, tomato, pickle, cheddar, lettuce ($18) add bacon ($4) and fries ($4). The burger falls a bit flat compared to the the pizza. Fluffy bun but nothing special and the beef patty was flavourful but a bit too burned. Perfectly cooked bacon and crispy addictive fries is the saviour.

They have not finalise their dessert menu yet but that night they only have two options; Lemon Curd Pizza or Chocolate Cheesecake. We opted for the cheesecake and we love it to the very bits. Rich and smooth chocolate cheesecake on top of buttery crisp biscuits with additional berry jam to add some acidity. Perfect,

+6139042 8168
110 Chapel St
Windsor VIC 3181