Barlog (Invited)

Thursday, August 29, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Barlog comes from the same owner as Fledgling Espresso, Connor Cunliffe. Taking on his second project in just two years time, that's an impressive achievement. Barlog located in Docklands, just a few minute from my husband workplace. Not many options in Docklands, a new cafe is always welcome.

We came in on a Sunday morning. It's freezing out there. There's limited indoor space at Barlog but they have large outdoor area, making it the perfect cafe for summer. Started with some coffee, babycino and Iced Blue Butterfly Pea ($4.5). The blue colour is always so attractive but I personally not a big fan of the taste, it has a mild herbal taste in it.

Chilli Scramble - bacon, fried shallots, cherry tomato, parsley, parmesan, sourdough ($17). Perfectly cooked fluffy scramble egg but I would like the bacon to be crispier and a lil bit more salt overall would be better. Generous fresh cherry tomato added a nice acidity to the dish.

Coen Zucchini Fritters - corn, zucchini, coriander, capsicum salsa, red chilli, avo, charred lemon cheeck siracha mayo, haloumi, poached egg ($17). I would like the fritters to be crispier instead of soggy but the flavour was pretty good. Very well seasoned and the sriracha mayo tied in the dish nicely.

Sticky Date French Toast - date loaf, salted caramel, dehydrated blood oranges, mascarpone, candied walnuts, honeycomb, fairy floss ($17). The texture is pretty heavy for a french toast, it has cakey feeling and closer to the sticky date cake. I love that's it's not too sweet and the mascarpone added creaminess to it.

+6139600 2365
Shop 11/2 Waterview Walk
Docklands VIC 3008