Poolhouse Coffee (Invited)

Tuesday, July 16, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Poolhouse Coffee located in Melbourne CBD near to RMIT university have a really strategic location to the market. The appearance is so simple from the outside but inside it has a really nice ambience, perfect to chill especially for student or to have a chat with someone.
Starting my morning with a glass of cappuccino with soy milk and the magic. The coffee is smooth yet strong enough to make me awake. They also provide food for the cafe so we decided to grab ham and cheese toasty. They gave us 2 kind of toasty.

In my opinion, it's just a regular well made ham and cheese toasty. The sourdough have a perfect crunchiness and the amount of ham is just right. The ham and toasty comes with a bit of sourness yet very fresh from the pickle coleslaw (we assumed). Those pickle give a huge difference from the first one. We personally love this one better because it is more tasty and more balance. However, if you not into sour and fresh kind of things, we suggest to grab the normal one.

We also tried their chicken rice rolls comes with peanut sauce that has a touch of hoisin sauce. It will be great if the peanut flavour added more into the sauce. The chicken rice rolls is always fresh as they make it daily. Judging by the experience they totally concern the cafe for people who need something quick.

Before we left they gave me gift which is their coffee beans. When I came home I straight away make it because of my curiosity. A hint of sweetness on the first sip but overall it was not fruity but more towards bitter kind of coffee. A full bodied flavour with a short finish. It also has a nutty and chocolate flavour. Poolhouse Coffee is a great cafe to grab a coffee and quick bites during your lunch break or for your breakfast.

Poolhouse Coffee
6 Franklin St
Melbourne VIC 3000