Poke Workshop (Invited)

Monday, July 08, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Poke Workshop is located on the top floor of St Collins Lane. I'm pretty surprise cause turns out Poke Workshop is the sister restaurant to Nosh. I went in on a Sunday lunch time and Poke Workshop only have one round table belongs to them, the rest is the common area on the food court.

I tried three of their poke bowl variety; Porky Pork - teriyaki pork, shredded carrots, corn, edamame, sesame seeds ($7.5), The Shrimp Life - wasabi aioli, prawns, purple cabbage, cucumber, edamame,sesame seeds ($9.5) and Chirashi Me - yuzu shoyu, salmon, tuna, cucumber, edamame, pickled ginger, sesame seeds ($9.5).

Honestly, for me their poke bowl is a bit too messy cause they mixed everything prior rather than letting all the toppings remain on top. The combination is a bit here and there for me, comparing with nosh, I love Nosh more. Even though, the concept of making your own poke bowl is very interesting for me. Out of all, I like chirashi the most because of the yuzu shoyu match nicely with salmon and tuna.


Poke Workshop
+6139650 4355
260 Collins St
Melbourne VIC 3000