Pinkie (Revisited-Invited)

Monday, July 22, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Pinkie is a beautifully charming cafe in Ivanhoe. Sitting underneath and apartment, making it very convenient for it's resident for daily coffee in take. On a sunny day, I would love to sit outside. Boasting medium size outdoor area with abundant greeneries. They gladly welcome pet's on their outdoor area.

We were given table on the inside on a Saturday morning, people comes and go non stop for take aways and dining in. It's always good to see local successful thriving business. We started with coffee and babycino for the kid which comes pretty quick since they are very busy that day. Also first thing first, kids schnitzel for my baby boy.

Salmon & Avo bowl - brown rice, avocado, torched salmon, ginger, siracha kewpie, sauteed spinach, sesame, nori. I love this dish to the bits. It's everything I like in one bowl. Semi cooked salmon, torched on top and raw underneath with abundant siracha mayo pouring down to the rice. Spinach and nori added freshness to the dish and avocado completes it all with it's creaminess. Love!

Winter Mushrooms - broccolini, cheddar cheese, mushroom pate, hazelnut crumb, alfalfa, lemon thyme mushrooms, poached egg, sourdough. One of the best mushroom dish around. Super aromatic and earthy, the smell and taste of the mushroom is so strong and delicious. They are really successful in bringing the mushroom taste to it's maximum level! And that mushroom pate?? So creamy and delicious.

French Toast - toffee shards, vanilla bean creme, dulche de leche, raspberry coulis, ferrero rocher ice cream, poached pear. This is one of the best french toast I have tasted this year! Abundant vanilla ben creame mixed with dulche de leche and ferrero ice cream is the bomb! I can sip through it all day. The french toast it self still have crunchy outer layer and I soaked the inside with all the sauce. Yum! topped with sweet fresh poached pear to break through all the creaminess. Yum!

1-3 Westley Ave
Ivanhoe VIC 3079