Pembroke Bar and Kitchen (Invited)

Saturday, July 06, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Pembroke Bar and Kitchen is conveniently located on Union Road, Surrey Hills, surrounded by local retail shops and cafes. Entering the cafe we felt the relaxed yet intimate ambience with dim lighting and some window light coming through. There are more seatings along the corridor as you walk into the back dining area. The back dining area are more spacious with plenty of natural lights coming from the ceiling.

We ordered the Lobster Benedict, Miso Steak Sandwich and Berry Brioche. Lobster Benedict. Great to see a combination of a premium ingredient like lobster with the classic eggs benedict dish in a brunch scene. We love the combination of the seafood flavour with the perfectly cooked poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. A touch of fresh, citrusy element like lemon or yuzu squeezes would probably be a great idea to balance the richness of the overall dish.

Miso Steak Sandwich. The miso marinated steak was perfectly cooked to medium rare. The sweetness of the shallot-jalapeno marmalade works really well with the flavour in the steak and the richness of the egg yolk. Really simple yet truly enjoyable classic dish.

Berry Brioche. Deliciously fluffy and buttery french toast with all the delicious toppings of wild strawberry ice cream, vanilla mascarpone chantily, strawberry curd and mixed strawberries. Beautiful textures and flavours. We love it!

We also tried the Mixed Berry Smoothie and Go Green Smoothie. Refreshing options to kickstart your day without caffeine, even though I did ask for the green juice not smoothie but all is fine. Staff were attentive and accomodating. Will definitely return.

Pembroke Bar and Kitchen
+6139890 6268
147 Union Rd
Surrey Hills VIC 3127