Omi - The Glen (Revisited-Invited)

Friday, July 12, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

I have been to Omi numerous time before at various locations. Been a fan of that delicious wagyu with black truffle sauce for quite some time. This time, I was invited to taste their new range of signature sauce. For now, it's only available at Westfield Doncaster and The Glen.

I came in on a very cold and rainy day. The Glen was busy, full of people having lunch and shopping cause everybody goes indoor that day. Started with my usual Salted Egg Fries and Iced Yuzu Juice. It still holds the same standard and flavour, from the very first time they opened in Chadstone, that's something to be applaud for.

Soft Shell Crab with Singapore Chilli Crab Sauce and Spicy Mayo Karaage. These two dishes are part of their new range and I'm so excited to try them. Personally, I would love more sauce on the crab dish and I think the batter on the soft shell crab is slightly too thick that it overshadowed the crab it self. But their spicy mayo does not disappoint as well as the crispy chicken karaage. Omi has an option of ordering the protein without the rice and condiments, so I can imagine eating the karaage and spicy mayo as a side or entree.

Black Pepper Wagyu and Teriyaki Pork Scotch. Compared to the first two dishes, I love these two more. Tender beef with abundant black pepper sauce and that perfect rice with seasonings, love it. The sauce is not over whelming peppery but it's enough to give the kick needed. This is the first time I tried their pork scotch and I love it, so flavourful and tender and I can also imagine this as a side.

Green Tea Crepe Cake and Houjicha Creme Brulee. I always been in love woth their houjicha creme brulee, so creamy and strong houjicha flavour but not too sweet, so damn addictive. For crepe cake fans, u must not miss their crepe cake and creamy green tea sauce.

235 Springvale Rd
Glen Waverley VIC 3150