Madames Spaghetti (Invited)

Wednesday, July 10, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Madames Spaghetti is Australia first Spaghetti gelato bar! Curious? So am I. I love any kinds of frozen desserts, gelato is one of them. When I heard about new kind of gelato, sign me in please! I went in on a Saturday afternoon and the cute owner is so friendly and she said she has been so busy. It's so hard to keep up with the order, making waffle dough while serving customers and all. But she's so happy and proud of her work.

Berry Bolognese - Strawberry sorbet w. fresh strawberries & pistachio crunch ($9.8ea). This looks like meat in the grinder and a lot of people said that according to the owner, she does not necessarily like it though that her gelato called like minced meat. But for me it does not matter, it's unique and the gelato is so fresh, just like eating frozen strawberries. It's amazing and so high quality, I love it.

Winter Specials; Vanilla gelato, powdery bacon dust, crispy bacon bits and PB drizzle ($14.9). I would love more of the powdery bacon dust for an extra saltiness in the dish, I think that would elevate the flavour even more. Smooth gelato with fluffy waffle, perfect winter comfort dessert! Love it.

Madames Spaghetti
40 Crockford St
Port Melbourne, Victoria 3207