Espresso Room (Invited)

Saturday, July 20, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

It’s very easy to find the place. It’s located across the tram stop. Espresso Room is situated on the corner of the main room. 1p free parking can be easily found  around the cafe. Espresso Room is spacious – it has both indoor and outdoor seats. This friendly cafe has a touch of retro-vintage. Staffs were friendly. Espresso Room opens at 6.30 a.m to 4 p.m on both weekdays and weekends. Beside breakfast and lunch menu,  Espresso Room also sells fresh bakery, home-made roasted coffee beans, and alcohol. 

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The seafood paella was great for sharing. It is very flavourful, rich in seafood taste which is perfect for seafood lovers. There was also a very generous amount of seafood; with large mussels and scallops. 
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San Pedri Eggs were our personal favorite. A classic dish, done right. I love it. The crispy hashbrown, baked tomato,and creamy hollandaise sauce were perfect together. Everything was very well executed. Good portion for one person. 
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The buttermilk pancake had the best presentation among the three dishes. It was served with fresh berries, chocolate-covered honeycomb, edible flowers, and maple syrup. The thick pancake wasn’t our favorite, but it would be to people who enjoy think pancakes. 

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Espresso Room
+6139489 4000
410 High St
Northcote VIC 3070