Drumplings (Revisited-Invited 3)

Friday, July 26, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Drumplings is located at the heart of Melbourne CBD, close to busy Bourke street Mall and chinatown. Brightly decorated and lit in pink colour, immediately suggests a contemporary and funky approach to the traditional dumpling restaurants right from the moment you walk in.There are also outdoor seatings at the back, with equally vibrant colours on the walls and cushioned benches.

We started with their crunchy cassava chips (spiced tapioca crackers) and the flaky roti with potato curry dipping sauce. They were both quite enjoyable. The curry dipping sauce reminded me of a Laksa broth with extra tangy kick in it.

Into the main dishes (yes, the dumplings!) we had the pepperoni pizza and the aussie beef pie. The pepperoni pizza dumplings indeed represented its title well by bringing out what a pepperoni pizza would taste like minus the bread. It has a little heat in it, but we loved it! An interesting yet delicious fusion between pizza and dumpling.

The aussie beef pie dumplings came with  crispy wonton skin crisps on top of each dumplings. A little texture lift from the soft dumpling and the meat fillings. Again, it truly represent its title well, especially with the tomato ketchup squeeze on top of each dumplings. It was just like the way we normally enjoy Aussie meat pies! If u love Aussie meat pies, then you should try this!

We also tried their prawn bao and chicken bao. The prawn bao had juicy and good size prawn in it. It can use a little sweetness to balance out the sourness from the dressing. The chicken bao was great. The chicken fillet was tasty, moist and tender inside. On a suggestive note, a little extra crispiness on the outer coats of the chicken could improve the overall texture of the dish.

Our meal would not have been complete without desserts! Dessert #1: Lemon Meringue Pie Dumplings. Gorgeous looking dumplings with toasted marshmallow on top and  berry coulis in side bowl. We absolutely loved the creativity here. The lemon curd inside the dumplings we was unfortunately too sour for my liking, even after dipping them with the berry coulis. Other than that, it was a great innovative dessert.

Dessert #2: Coconut bao, caramelised banana with chilli and chocolate ice cream.
The texture of the bao is slightly more dense than the savoury baos with a slight crispiness on the outside. The dough reminds me a bit of home made jam doughnuts, which worked really well with the caramelised banana and a scoop of chocolate ice cream. Oh, yes, there is a little heat in the ice cream from the chilli. I think with the chilli in chocolate ice cream is a love or hate relationship. Personally, I would prefer it without the chilli.

They also have a good a selection of cocktails to select from to jazz up your dumplings party. Overall it was an exciting and satisfying brunching experience. We really admire their creativity and bravery to break the rules from the traditional dumpling eatery into something that stands out from the crowd. Also, credit to the restaurant manager Craig for excellent service, cause before he came in, their service was really really slow.

+6138395 4918
227-229 Bourke St
Melbourne VIC 3000