District Mot (Invited)

Wednesday, July 24, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

District Mot, the name comes from the first city of Saigon, now known as Ho chi minh. The idea comes from a simple joke between friends, Minh and Lyndon when travelling to Vietnam. They were joking about ideas of Vietnamese restaurant. Months after that, Minh signed the lease at Rose Lane but then he realise, there's already plenty of Korean restaurant around so he could not open another Ohsso. Then he went to Lyndon and propose the idea that they were previously joking around, then here we are!

Minh contacts me directly through email, to invite me to their restaurants. Ivan, my husband is familiar with the restaurants since he works near by and a couple of his friends has stayed in Air bnb on top. The small restaurants, decorated just like the streets in Vietnam.

We opened with something for my kid; Traditional Spring Rolls ($8.5) and Beef Brisket Pho ($14). Both were pretty good and comes in very quickly. I have to say the price are very reasonable for their locations and the portions they have given us.

Caramelised Pepper Pork Clay Pot ($12) and Specials Sweet Snails with Salted Egg. District Mot served unique Vietnamese dishes that we don't often see around, especially in Melbourne CBD. Both of this dish is recommended by Minh him self. I love the pepper broth so much, that I can sip it all day but I want the pork to be slightly more tender. Snails is a very unique dish, they don't even have this in Melbourne, they have fly them in. The meat is slightly more chewy than usual but the salted egg sauce is quite tasty.

Sugar Cane Prawn ($15). This is the star of the night! I love it to bits. It's perfectly cooked, fluffy and a bit crisp on the outside. The flavour is sweet with slight saltiness and strong prawn flavour. I could eat this all day.

District Mot
+6138595 1702
9 Rose Ln
Melbourne VIC 3000