Chunky Town (Invited)

Thursday, July 04, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Chunky Town comes from a small store in Gangnam, South Korea. They specialised in battered hot dog by adding creative delicious toppings together with it. In Korea, sprinkle sugar is added at the end before consuming.What a unique combination to a savoury hot dog. Now, there are over 200 stores all around South Korea and finally in 2019, their first International store is in our very own Melbourne.

I was given vouchers by Chunky Town to try their goodies. Coincidentally, it's located very near with my church. On a Sunday afternoon, I went in and with what they have given me, allows me to get so many things that I can share with my friends.

Sausage Mozarella & Potato Chunky (($7.5), Sausage Mozarella & Noodle Chunky ($7.5), Sausage & Mozarella Chunky ($6.5) and Waffle Fries ($4.5). I was amazed by the crunchy batter and the numerous fun toppings. It's certainly unique, the price is also very reasonable and it taste delicious. I would love to eat this as snack or even a meal complete with fries and drink.

Cherry Blossom Tea, Lychee Tea, Chunky Town Special Milk Tea and Thai style Tea. These kinds of drinks are very popular these days, it's suiting to have drinks like this with their battered sausage. I personally love the floral sweet cherry blossom the most.

Chunky Town
Shop 1B/26 Elizabeth St
Melbourne VIC 3000