Uni Boom Boom (Revisited-Invited)

Tuesday, June 11, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Uni Boom Boom is my go to restaurant for fresh uni in Melbourne. This is my second invite to the store. It's a given that they served the best uni in town cause it belongs to Pacific Sea Urchin, the first suppliers for Australia Sea Urchin. On top of that they also specialise in Bird's Nest product, abalone, toro and many more high quality product.

They have come a long way in terms of beverages from my first visit. Now, they have more options even follow they trend with foam drinks. Edible Nest Tea ($15), Rose Lychee Green tea with cheese foam ($9) extra peach gum ($3). My favourite remain their edible nest tea but the second drink I ordered was way too sweet even though I still love the peach gum inside.

Uni Boom Taster Platter - Lychee edible nest drink, salmon sushi boom, foie gras, Australian sea urchin, braised Australia abalone ($25) and Dual Salmon Uni Cone ($12). I try to order everything that I have not order before to be able to get a fuller picture of Uni Boom Boom, combine from my first and second visit. Actually I have been here more than twice before with my own accounts. The taster is great for one person who would like to try everything before deciding what they like, perfect for first timer. Same with the beautifully presented dual cone, just a tiny bit of elegant goodness.

Abalone Chicken soup with rice ($38). This is a classic Chinese dish which is very familiar among my family. My grandma used to make this hearty soup known for their health benefits. It's the perfect comfort meal during winter or when you are under the weather. The earthy deep rich taste, leave you with a warm stomach.

Foie Gras Unagi don ($45) and Baked Cheese Rice with a choice of uni or unagi ($20). Seriously, how can their foie gras get better? They actually use a new method of cooking them and I love the much more this way. Slight crispiness on the outside then melt in your mouth on the inside. Delicious. The unagi is also not far behind from foie gras. One of my favourite don for sure. The baked cheese rice using tumeric rice, fall a bit short behind. I reckoned it would be better with white rice and added more cheese cause right now the cheese did not really come true cause of the tumeric rice.

Sashimi Platter ($88). The star of the night and a must to order at Uni Boom Boom. Beautifully plate fresh sea goodness. They also sell sushi cake for birthday occasions which is awesome and so different.

Uni Boom Boom
+6135611 3330
63 Myrtle St
Glen Waverley VIC 3150